Steve Dunn died on August 19, 2005 from complications of bacterial meningitis. He was a Stage IV (terminal) kidney cancer patient who had been completely cured 15 years earlier, and lived those 15 years cancer-free, active, and healthy.

In 1989, after his doctors said his cancer could not be treated, Steve found a clinical trial through his own research. Later he decided to share what he had learned, primarily through this website and also as an ACOR mailing listowner, speaker, and FDA patient advocate for Kidney Cancer clinical trials. Steve’s own story about his cancer (under “Inspirational Patient Stories”) tells it better than any of us can. His dedication and determination has helped thousands of patients and caregivers, inspiring many of them to help others.

Cancerguide will go on as a lasting tribute to him. It will always be Steve Dunn’s Cancerguide.

CancerGuide is created by Steve Dunn, a fellow survivor. For more information about this site and about me, see the About CancerGuide Section.

CancerGuide is different from most sites. It is primarily about helping you learn how to find the answers to your questions and especially to helping you learn what questions you need to ask. I also cover other aspects of coping from attitude to finances. With the big exception of Kidney Cancer, I don't maintain much information on treatment of specific cancers, although I will guide you to such information elsewhere.

CancerGuide will help you to understand your options as deeply as you want to or need to. This includes delving into the latest technical medical literature on your disease. Although it may be difficult, when you are fighting your life you can learn to understand things considered by some to be too difficult for laymen, so nothing here is dumbed down. I hope the serious effort it takes to gain a real understanding will pay off for you as it did for me. At the same time this path is not for everyone. You may want to read about the Pros and Cons of Researching Your Cancer before going any further.

I welcome any comments on CancerGuide. Click here for information how to reach me.

CancerGuide Sections

If you are a first time visitor or are just starting to gather information on your cancer start here! This section contains important basic information you'll need to start researching your cancer.

How to research your cancer from gathering basic information to delving into the latest technical medical literature.

If you are a first time visitor or are just starting to gather information on your cancer start here! This section contains important basic information you'll need to start researching your cancer.

Clinical trials offer a chance to get new treatments before they are generally available, but some trials are much more promising than others. My guide to the system features in-depth strategic information you won't find elsewhere.

A comprehensive and detailed review of renal cell cancer from a long term survivor who has spent years researching it (me!). Over 40 articles covering both standard and experimental treatments for localized and metastatic disease.

Statistics may seem a dry and depressing subject, but a humane interpretation can help you find hope even if the prognosis sounds hopeless. Also you need to have some understanding of statistics to be able understand the technical literature.

A small collection of articles on financial and practical issues like insurance and travel.

A special emphasis on how to rationally evaluate alternative therapies along with reviews of selected therapies. I think there may be some value in some of these therapies but I also think that most are worthless. The key is how to tell the difference! Warning we discuss Marijuana and CBD Oil.

A few articles on mind and attitude. I am both a believer and a skeptic. Find out why.

A large collection of stories from my readers. You'll gain insight on how others have coped and I hope some inspiration. In most cases you can e-mail the author.

Many cancer patients have had their spleen removed. They are severely at risk from infections other people can fight off. To see what you must do to reduce your risk, read this page. It's vitally important.

Many individuals have found an emotional support dog or cat to provide great comfort during this time of mental distress. For more information regarding how to get an emotional support animal and the benefits of these special animals please take a look at the site linked above or at We have found them to both legitimate and helpful.


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