Alternative and Complementary Therapy Links

This is a list of links to websites on alternative and complementary therapies. Generally I link to sites with information on a variety of therapies rather than sites about one particular therapy. The sites I’ve choosen represent a wide range of views and perspectives, from strongly pro-alternative to skeptic sites. My linking here does not imply I agree with everything on a site I link to – only that I find the site useful.

  • CIMER (which stands for Complementary/Integrative Medicine Education Resources) from M.D. Anderson, one of the world’s top cancer centers, has lots of useful information including detailed compilations of the evidence on a number of the major alternative therapies. You won’t find conclusions here, but you will find the data. [Last reviewed December 02]
  • About Herbs, Botanicals & Other Products from Memorial Sloan- Kettering Cancer Center is a huge set of reviews covering herbs, vitamins, minerals, and various other substances. Each review includes a summary of the applicable literature along with references. They do an unusually good job of covering things which cancer patients might take for reasons other than treating the cancer – like ginger for nausea. Another plus is the diligence with which they document interactions with conventional medicines. Historically Sloan Kettering has been very conservative about alternative therapies and I’d say this tends to be more conservative than the CIMER reviews. Ironically, despite the fact that some of these reviews are positive, their “herbal policy” states that Sloan Kettering in-patients are not allowed to take such substances outside of a clinical trial. [Reviewed December 02]
  • Michael Lerner’s Commonweal organization has put a lot of information on alternative therapies on-line including the full 600 page text of Lerner’s book, Choices In Healing. Overall this is the most balanced information on alternative therapies I have found anywhere.
  • Dr. Stephen Barrett’s QuackWatch is by far the best source of skeptical information I have found on the net. Dr. Barrett takes a very hard line, sometimes bordering on the dogmatic, but there is real information here, and a lot of it. I think anyone considering alternative therapies for cancer must take the skeptical point of view into account. You need to know the evidence against and the downside, as well as any credible hopeful information. It is rare for promoters or practitioners of alternative therapies give the downside. You’ll find it here. Be sure to check out QuackWatch’s Special Cancer Section.
  • Ralph Moss, Ph.D, is a well known alternative therapies advocate and scholar. He is the author of several books on alternative therapies for cancer including The Cancer Industry and Cancer Therapy: The Independent Consumer’s Guide to Non-Toxic Treatment and Prevention. He also operates The Moss Reports, an alternative oriented fee search service (for a review of the Moss Reports see my article on Search Services.) Moss offers free information in two places, first the Cancer Chronicles Archive Section on which covers topics through 1998, and second the archive of his current newsletter on . [Last reviewed December 02]

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