Getting Information on Brain Tumors

Brain Tumor Organizations

especially recommend:

Brain Tumor Information Services
5812 S. Ellis Ave.
Chicago IL 60637
(312) 684-1400

Call this number, and you will be in touch with a nurse who spends her life keeping up with the latest in brain tumor research, and telling patients about it.

The National Brain Tumor Society has quite a bit of basic information on brain tumors that’ll help you get oriented.

Another organizations that has slick informational booklets, and newsletters is:

American Brain Tumor Association (ABTA)
2720 River Road, Suite 146
Des Plaines, IL 60616

One patient told me that this organization provided him with a list of applicable clinical trials, certainly a very valuable service! The ABTA Home Page has some valuable information, especially their primer of brain tumors.

Other Useful Websites

Brain Tumor Clinical Trial List

Al Musella’s site for Clinical Trials and Noteworthy Treatments for Brain Tumors is diligently maintained and contains a wealth of information on brain tumor clinical trials (experimental treatments). Highly recommended!

Glioblastoma Database and Newsletter

The Glioblastoma Database and Newsletter ( is a collection of references to the technical medical literature on all aspects of glioblastoma created by an Italian patient and another layperson (it’s in English though!).

The strengths are that it’s very current and includes good references on promising alternative therapies and current experimental treatments. The weakness is that it provides no commentary or explanations. This is an advanced resource – not a starting point. [Reviewed April 24, 2003]

Online Support: Brain Tumor Mailing List

There is a very good brain tumor mailing list:

Brain Tumor Discussion Mailing List:
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Leave the subject line blank, and set the first message line to:
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