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Note: October 2005. As announced on the main page of CancerGuide, Steve Dunn passed away August 19, 2005, not from cancer, but from complications of bacterial meningitis. A team of volunteers has formed to maintain and update CancerGuide in the tradition in which Steve created CancerGuide.

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…but first, please help us out and read on before you email!

First and foremost, we welcome all comments on CancerGuide, good, bad or otherwise, but especially constructive criticism and suggestions for improvement. If you have something to contribute such as an article or your story, you should definitely write! If you’ve found a broken link, we certainly want to know!

If you are writing to get help with a specific medical situation, CancerGuide volunteers will gladly share with you anything we know but please remember that we are not medical professionals. In some cases we do have specific helpful information, but very often we don’t. More often we will suggest places you might look to get the answers you need. Please try to be as specific as you can about just what it is you want to know and what your situation is. To get answers to most questions on treatment options, it is critically important to know the type and stage of cancer, and in all cases it pays to think very carefully about exactly what you want find out. If you are looking for basic information, we ask that you look for the information in CancerGuide or the sites we link to before writing. A good place to start is the Cancer Basics Section. You may find the article on Cancer Types and Staging especially useful – then check out the Links to Online Resources which links to major sites with basic information on every type of cancer.

If you need help with a school project, please don’t write to CancerGuide. We are trying to help many people who are fighting very serious illnesses, and our time is extremely limited. We hope you understand, and we wish you the best with your project. If you take the time to look through the rest of the CancerGuide you may find links to the information you need, particularly in the Links to Online Resources.

If you are writing to tell us about an alternative therapy which you think cures cancer, we are looking for specific evidence the therapy works, preferably published scientific data but if not that, then at least well documented cases. See the article Evaluating Alternative Therapies for what “well documented” means. Unless you have real evidence to share, don’t bother to write. If you are writing to ask questions about alternative therapies, this section does not apply to you — fire away! We will share anything we know, although that may not be much. You may wish to join the ACOR list called CAM-ONC to discuss this sort of information.

If you are suggesting a link, we will gladly have a look at your site. What we are looking for is original, detailed, unbiased information on some aspect of cancer treatment which would be useful to patients trying to understand their options. We generally hesitate to link to commercial sites, but we definitely make exceptions if the site contains good information. We also don’t link to sites which are primarily charities or benefits unless they contain specific information on cancer that would be of immediate benefit to patients trying to research their options. We don’t do “reciprocal links” but we will link to any site that we think benefits our readers whether or not they link to this site!

We thank you for taking the time to read this before writing us! You may also want to take a quick look at CancerGuide’s Privacy Policy before writing.

… one small request – when you write, could you please tell us something which of the articles you’ve looked at and whether they were helpful to you? This will help us improve CancerGuide for everyone!

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We usually answer within a day or two, but we do take vacations and may be away from our email for considerably longer from time to time.

Again, please remember that we are not doctors or medical professional!

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