Using the Kidney-Onc Archives

All messages from the list are permanently archived in a searchable database at ACOR. You can reach the list archives at: The archives are a great information source, and can also be used to catch up on the list if you are away from your e-mail, but have access to the web.

Gaining Access to the Archives

In order to view the archives you must be a member of the list! You also have to register, which requires giving the address you subscribed from and selecting a password. Obtaining a new password sometimes confuses people. The key is once you are at the “Login Required” page, click on the words, “get a new LISTSERV password first,” which are in red. Overall, the process is just slightly complicated, but if you read closely and follow ACOR’s directions carefully, you should have no problem. If you do run into trouble, please Contact The Listowners for help.

A Few Tips on Gaining Access

  • The e-mail address you give must be the exact address you subscribed from – if you subscribed from [email protected], you must give that exact address. Variations like [email protected] or [email protected] won’t work!
  • If you request the server to save your login settings in a “cookie”, you won’t have to type your e-mail address and password to look at the archive.
    We recommend:

    • Using this feature for convenience from any computer which you own or have permanent physical control over, but…
    • … for security reasons, not using this feature from any computer which you don’t own or control.

Tips on Using the Archives

The Browse Mode allows you to view all of the messages from the list for a given month with just a click. Once you get the list of messages you can have it arranged in different ways. The problem with this method is that a month’s messages can be a lot of data, and this can take quite a long time to load unless have a high speed connection like DSL, Cable, or a T1.

The Search Option is more flexible and quicker. There is a link to a great help page at the bottom of the search form – spend a minute and check it out before searching.

You can use the search to get just the last few days postings so you can catch up on the list if you are away from your e-mail, but still have web access. All you need to do is give a date in the “since” field on the form, but you need to be careful about how you give the date. Dates like:

2 April 2000

work fine, but “May 3 2000”, or “5/3/2000” won’t work. It also won’t accept commas in the date.

If you are looking for treatment information, searches for names of drugs, and doctors, and hospitals can be helpful. You may need to try several variations for drug names – for example you might search on gemcitibine and gemzar since these are the generic and trade names for the same drug. Searches for the names of doctors may bring up contact information for that doctor. Mostly a search for the doctor’s last name alone will work e.g. search for figlin. If you are searching for Dr. Smith you have a problem since we probably have list members named Smith to. Use the first name. Similarly, you can also search for the names of listmembers. This could be useful if you’d like to e-mail someone you remember from the list. If you get too many results from a search (I bet a search on IL-2 or Interleukin would yield thousands of messages) try using the until field to limit the search to recent messages.