How to Contact the Listowners

Your listowners are Robin Martinez, Trish Miller, and Cathy Sherman. We are here to help when you need us!

Some Reasons You Might Want To E-Mail Us

  • If you have any suggestions for how we can improve the list or our FAQ pages.
  • If you are having a technical problem with the list and can’t solve it using the information on this site.
  • If you think someone has gotten your e-mail address from the list and used it to send you a SPAM or commercial solicitation of any kind we need to know about it!
  • If you are a researcher and wish to observe the list, or post a survey, or are on the list for any reason other than kidney cancer support, you must contact us before proceeding!
  • If you are on the list for any reason other than kidney cancer support for you or a loved one you must contact us before proceeding.

If you are looking for information on kidney cancer treatment, please post to the list rather, than writing to the listowners. Believe us, 1400+ people know more than just three or four of us!

If you are writing about a technical problem please describe the problem and what is happening as clearly as specifically as you possibly can! Please include details of any error messages you’re getting and details of just exactly what you’re trying to and how you’re trying to do it.

To e-mail the listowners, send us a letter at [email protected] (Note: this only mails the listowners, it does not post to the list!)