How to Subscribe to Kidney-Onc

You are about to join a vibrant and growing community of people fighting kidney cancer! The incredible power of people united in the same quest cannot be overestimated. The knowledge and support of hundreds is more than any one can possibly offer.

NOTE: Kidney-Onc is for people with kidney cancer, their friends and loved ones. Health professionals with an interest in this area who wish contribute are also very welcome, however, advertising or any form of commercial solicitation whatsoever are strictly prohibited. Anyone wishing to post a survey to the list, or observe the list for research purposes must contact the listowners first!

Subscribing With a Web Form

ACOR (which hosts the list) has an easy to use list subscription form, You will still have to reply to the confirmation message as described below.

P.S. While you are there, do yourself a big favor and bookmark the subscription page – you can use this page to change or delete your subscription later.

Subscribing Manually

To subscribe to KIDNEY-ONC follow these instructions:

Send a message to [email protected] Leave the subject blank, and make the first line of the message:

subscribe KIDNEY-ONC your-first-name your-last-name

for example:

subscribe KIDNEY-ONC John Doe

You will get a message back asking you to confirm your subscription. Reply to the message following the instructions contained in the message. You should then get a message back saying you’ve been added to the list. Shortly afterwards you will start receiving messages from the list