The Kidney-Onc List and Your Privacy

Kidney-Onc is a way of communicating with a large number of others dealing with kidney cancer so it is fundamentally not private!

If you post to the list, all of the list members will read it. In addition posts to the list may draw responses to your e-mail address from listmembers as well as further comment and discussion on the list. Your listowners have no control over who is subscribed to the list and thus who will be reading your posts. If you ever receive a “SPAM” or any form of advertising as private e-mail which you have reason to believe you were sent because someone has gotten your address by reading the list, please contact the listowners right away!

You should also know that your messages to the list are archived and that any list member can search the archives and read your posting. Any message you post to the list lives on forever in the archives! Although archive access is currently limited to listmembers only, your listowners do not guarantee that this will always be the case, and they also do not guarantee that this security measure cannot be hacked. Of course, anyone can join the list if they want to search the archive!

We recommend that you do not post identifying information such as your postal address, phone numbers, social security numbers etc.

If you do not post to the list, no one other than the listowners, and perhaps technical staff at ACOR can easily determine that you are subscribed. We also guarantee that names of subscribers or information about them will never intentionally be given out to anyone for a commercial purpose of any sort.

Kidney-Onc is hosted by ACOR, the Association of On-Line Cancer Resources. ACOR has a which applies to Kidney-Onc users and users of the ACOR site, including users of the Kidney-Onc Archives.

This Web Site and Your Privacy

We don’t gather any information about our readers other than possibly examining the traffic logs. We could in theory identify the servers people are coming from, and the browsers they use, but we don’t actually look at this information, and in any case we can’t identify you as an individual from this information.

If you e-mail us, obviously the listowners know who you are, and everything you disclose in your letter. We will use our discretion about sharing your letter with anyone else, but we may share it with various technical experts, if it relates to technical problems with the list. We might do this without asking your permission. In special cases we may also share your correspondence with someone else for the purpose of helping you. Generally we would ask you before doing anything like that.