How To Solve Problems With Your Kidney-Onc Subscription

How to Test Your Subscription

Send the message:

query kidney-onc

To the listserv at [email protected] . As with all listserv commands, the command should be in the body of the message, not the subject line and should be on a line by itself. Any other text such as signature lines should be removed.

You should recieve a response within a few minutes which will help you sort out the problem:

If you don't get a response then either the listserv is down or there is some problem delivering the mail. As above - try waiting it out for a few days and if you still can't get a response from the listserv please contact the listowners. If you are using MSN as your Internet Service Provider (ISP) that may explain it. We don't know why, but a few of our MSN subscribers are simply unable to get mail from the list. It may be that it is being filtered as spam, but we can't be sure, and neither MSN nor ACOR has been able to explain it. Similarly, our AOL subscribers have experienced intermittant outages. If this is happening to you, we suggest switching ISPs, or getting a free email account from a service like Yahoo (We suggest avoiding Hotmail which in our experience has had problems consistently delivering list mail).

If You Do Get A Response then if you are still subscribed to the list, the response will show your subscription options. See that mail is set (rather than nomail). If you are not subscribed to the list the response will tell you that too. You may need to resubscribe.

How not to test!
Please do not send a message to the list asking whether the list is up! This simply spams 600+ people and increases list volume! If you have tried querying the listserv as just described and not gotten a response, or otherwise need help, please contact the listowners rather than sending to the list!

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