A Few More Tips On Using the List

Set Up a Filter for List Messages

Kidney-Onc is a high volume list! You can get so many emails that can actually become hard to find your other e-mail among all of the list email! Almost every email program has a way to set up filters and you can use a filter to send all of the kidney-onc mail to a separate “mailbox” or “folder”. Typically you can have as many different filters as you like. There are literally dozens of different email programs out there, and we can’t tell you exactly how to set up a filter in your program. Mostly it boils down to two parts:

  • Tell it which messages to look for – typically you can tell it where to look in the message, such as the body or subject line, or the “sender” field, and what to look for in that part of the message. You probably want to filter on messages which have the listserv address in the “sender” field (Note that this field is not the “from” field). The listserv address is: [email protected] . Alternatively you can filter on the messages which have [KIDNEY-ONC] in the subject line.
  • Tell your email program what to do when it finds a message meeting the filter’s criteria. What you typically want to do is transfer or move the message to a new mailbox or folder. Again what it’s called will vary depending on what email program you use.

As above you’ll need to explore your how your particular email program works to figure exactly out how to do this.

Go No-Mail When You Are Away

To prevent a large number of messages from accumulating, you can temporarily suspend delivery by setting your subscription to no mail. See our information on unsubscribing for details on how to set no mail.

Use Our FAQ Pages and the Archives to Research Kidney-Cancer

You can use the list archives to research subjects which we have already discussed on the list – and that’s practically everything! Searching by the names of drugs, doctors, and treatments is especially productive.

Our Kidney-Cancer FAQ page will put you in touch with the latest information we can find on kidney cancer and is a good place to start researching what is already known. (Note: As of this writing, the Kidney-Cancer FAQ is in its infancy, but expect more later)