Leandra Smith’s Experience with Hulda Clark

Leandra Smith, a sarcoma patient who unfortunately has since died, visited Hulda Clark’s clinic in Tijuana, Mexico and posted a message about what she observed to the CANCER-L mailing list on August 30, 1996, and she also wrote about it some more in a message to me. What follows is an edited version of her reports. It’s important to note that her observations don’t directly address the question of whether the treatment works or not, but the conditions she describes are surely a very bad sign. If you have updated information on conditions at her clinic, I would certainly appreciate it if you’d drop me an email.

“Quacky Mexican Clinics” by Leandra Smith

I went down to Dr. Hulda Clark’s clinic in Tijuana yesterday….. She’s the lady who wrote The Cure for All Diseases and The Cure for All Cancers. She believes that all diseases are caused by parasites in the body and if you kill all the parasites and rid yourself of all chemicals in your environment and prevent all metals from getting into your system then you will be cured. I did notice, however, that she did say that if you do not rid yourself of every single little pollutant than it will not work……hmmmm sounds like a loophole in her theory if it doesn’t work for you…….

The clinic itself was…..well…..sketchy. There was chaos everywhere and people strolling in and out. There was a weird looking guy walking around stalking all the flies with a swatter…..some very sick people were there getting treatments and they were lying on plastic lawn chairs with cushions covered in plastic garbage bags…..they were getting IV treatments and their tubes were nailed up on the wall…..the whole place didn’t look very sanitary and the device they used to test me if I had any parasites was obviously pure quackery. It was this audio thing that if you held one end of a conductor and they pressed the other on your other hand and they placed jars of the stuff they were testing on this metal plate……then when they connected the electric current through your body it made sounds……supposedly the woman doing the testing, also the receptionist, could tell the difference between positive and negative (I heard no obvious differentiating sounds).

I saw an elderly couple from Tenn. there and it was so sad. The husband was so sick and he was just lying there trying to ignore the flies landing on him in the hot, hot, hot clinic care room, just adjacent to the waiting room with no door for privacy. His wife was running around trying to track down anyone who could possibly find her some ice to cool her husband down and no one would help her. I feel like if they could have had a resource to hear about the conditions of the clinic before they traveled there they never would have come……

I was supposed to go back today and pay $150 to hear what her treatment plan would be, but I did suspect it meant staying at the clinic, to make sure that I maintained a “non-toxic environment” (but also I guess pick up a couple of Mexican bugs while I was at it). That didn’t seem like something I wanted to do, so I decided to keep the $150 and go out to dinner with friends, which in my opinion would do better for my health than Dr. Hulda Clark could provide.

Anyway, I think I’ll stick to more mainstream holistic healers……

I don’t know. I feel like I should go to more than one clinic in TJ before I declare them all quackery……sorry if I offended anyone…..this just happens to be my experience.

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