New, Promising, and Experimental Treatments For Metastatic Kidney Cancer

There are many new treatments being tested for metastatic kidney cancer. I have selected the following treatments because there are results in patients which seem promising.

Some of these treatments involve only FDA approved drugs (though not necessarily approved for kidney cancer) and so could be gotten either in a clinical trial (if one is open and you qualify), or outside a trial. Others are strictly experimental and can only be obtained in a trial.

I include promising IL-2 combinations, which you could consider for first line treatment (or if you haven’t tried IL-2), as well as promising non IL-2 treatments which I think should generally be used if IL-2 has already been tried and failed.

Before plunging in, you should know that promising early results very often don’t turn out to be as effective as the early trials indicate. You may want to read my article: Why Good Results from Small Trials Often Don’t Pan Out.

Newer and Promising Treatments

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