Specific Cancers, Problems, Treatments, and Situations

CancerGuide is more about how to research your options than it is about giving you specific information on your cancer – I couldn’t hope to maintain that kind of information. So this article is links to good sites I’ve found about specific cancers and situations. I also have a few articles with pointers to a bit more.

The big exception is my extensive kidney cancer section where I review the treatment for the cancer I had in depth.

Steve’s Information on Specific Cancers, Situations, and Treatments

Other Sites for Information on Specific Cancers

This is a highly selected list of websites devoted to specific cancers with in depth original information. Because I look for sites which go beyond the standard bland very basic patient information some very common cancers aren’t represented here, simply because I haven’t found an appropriate site. Incidentally, I’ve found the best sites are very often patient-created sites like this one.

Male and Female Reproductive System Cancers

Common Solid Tumors

Lymphomas, Leukemias, and Malignant Marrow or Blood Disorders

Childhood Cancers

Rare Cancers

Links for Specific Problems Rather than Specific Cancers

Didn’t Find Your Cancer Here?

If your cancer is not listed here (or even if it is) you can gather valuable basic information your specific cancer and about cancer in general by taking CancerGuide’s Tour of Essential Cancer Information Sites

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